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Blahnik Corporate Catering Cafe Menu. Delicious Home-Cooked Food.


(from 7am)

Continental Breakfast

  • Toast (V, GF) $5.50 
    2 slices of your choice of bread (sourdough, multigrain, Turkish) with butter and jam or honey
  • Fruit Toast (V) $6.50
    2 slices with butter and jam or honey
  • Plain Croissant (V) $4.90
  • Ham, Cheese and Tomato Croissant $7.90
  • Acai Berry Bowl (GF, VE without peanut butter ) $12.50
    Acai blended with banana, berries, coconut water topped with GF granola, strawberries, banana, coconut chips, chia seeds & peanut butter
  • Homemade Healthy Museli Bowl (GF) $12
    Served with Natural yoghurt and mixed berry coulis topped with nuts and seeds
  • Banana Bread (V, GF) $5.50 
    grilled Banana bread with butter
  • Banana Bread with fruit salad and yoghurt (V) $11.50 
    grilled Banana bread with butter, fruit salad and yoghurt
  • Fresh Fruit Salad (VE V GF) $12.90
    Sliced Seasonal fruit topped with Natural yoghurt, toasted nuts and almonds
  • Pancakes $15.50
    buttermilk pancakes (2 per serve) with mixed berry compote and maple syrup
    add ice cream $2.50
  • Super Porridge (V, VE without yoghurt) $12.90
    Oats, chia seeds, LSA and almond milk porridge topped with natural yoghurt, maple syrup, dried apricots and slivered almonds

V – Vegetarian VE—Vegan GF– Gluten-Free
Please speak to our staff about Vegan and gluten-free options.

Please note, all items on our breakfast menu are available to take away.

For café bookings or catering enquiry please contact 03 9642 2234


  • Eggs as you like (V) $10.90
    2 eggs poached, scrambled, sunny-side up or over easy on sourdough toast
  • Eggs Benedict $15.50
    2 poached eggs with grilled ham and Hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin
  • Eggs Florentine (V) $14.50
    2 poached eggs with wilted spinach and Hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin
  • Green Eggs Salmon $17.50
    Scrambled eggs with pesto and fresh herbs on Sourdough with smoked salmon
  • Blahnik King Breakfast $18.50
    2 eggs with bacon, chipolata sausage, tomato, mushrooms and hash brown on sourdough toast
  • Vegetarian Breakfast (V) $18.50
    2 eggs with avocado, tomato, hash brown, mushrooms and baked beans on sourdough toast
  • Mushroom Breakfast (V) $16.50
    Oven-baked mushrooms with avocado, poached eggs and crumbled feta on sourdough toast
  • Vegan Breakfast (V, VE) $16.50
    Choice of toast with avocado, tomato, hash brown, spinach and baked beans
  • Smashed Avocado (V) $16.50
    with fetta, beetroot gel, lemon & olive oil with choice of toast
    add an egg – $3.00
  • Scrambled Chorizo $16.50
    Sliced, grilled chorizo through scrambled eggs with roasted tomato served on sourdough toast
  • Omelette $16.50
    with leg ham, tomato, tasty cheese and spinach on sourdough toast
  • Vegetarian Omelette (V) $16.50
    with mushrooms, spinach, feta, tomato and tasty cheese on sourdough toast
  • Egg & Bacon Toasted Panini $9.50
    2 fried eggs with bacon, cheese and tomato in a closed toasted Turkish bread sandwich
  • Breakfast Extras:
    Extra egg $3
    Avocado, roasted tomato, hash browns, mushrooms, spinach $4 each

    Bacon, baked beans $4.50 each
    Salmon, Chipolata Sausage $5 each

All breakfast meals can also be served on Sourdough, multigrain or Turkish Bread

Gluten-free bread is available + $2.00

Breakfast Smoothies and more

  • Smoothie Bowl $12.5

Acai Berry—Organic Acai blended with banana, berries, coconut water topped with Gf Granola, strawberries, banana, coconut chips, chia seeds & peanut butter
Choc Banana– Banana, oats, almond milk, dates cacao, cinnamon topped with GF granola, banana, coconut chips, honey, cinnamon flaked almonds, chia seeds & cacao nibs
Tropical-Mango, raspberries, banana, passionfruit, coconut milk topped with chia seeds, coconut chips, strawberries, kiwi fruit & passionfruit pulp

  • Smoothies $9.50

Super Green– Celery, cucumber, kale, lemon mint, coconut water & Ice
Choc Champion– Choc, blueberries, date, kale, banana, low-fat yoghurt & choice of any milk
Green Protein Power Breakfast (Vegan)– Mango, Almond milk, spinach, banana, raw pumpkin seeds & hemp hearts
Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie-Vanilla protein powder, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, low-fat frozen yoghurt & low-fat milk
Triple Berry Avocado Smoothie (Vegan)– Avocado, Spinach, Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & coconut water
Mango Mumbo -Mango, low-fat frozen yoghurt & low-fat milk
Passion Punch (Vegan)– Passionfruit, coconut water, mango, banana& kiwi fruit
M.B.B—Mango, banana, blueberries, low-fat yoghurt & low-fat milk
Strawberry patch – Strawberry, low-fat yoghurt & low-fat milk
Barney Banana– Banana, honey, low-fat yoghurt, low-fat milk

  • Add Protein powder for an extra $2

Organic Vanilla Protein Powder
Organic Choc powder
Grass Fed Whey Powder
Keto Meal Vanilla Powder

  • Crushes (dairy-free) $9.50

Berry Blast– Mixed Berries, apple juice, sorbet & ice
Melon Juice– Watermelon, tropical Juice, coconut water, sorbet & ice
Mango Tango– Mango, passionfruit, tropical juice, coconut water, sorbet & ice

  • Freshly Squeezed Juices $ 8

Straight Orange— Squeezed Orange Juice
Celery Juice– Only Celery Juice
Tropicana —Orange, Apple, watermelon, Pineapple
Immune Boosting Juice– Carrot, Orange, lemon, ginger
Detox Juice– Apple, beetroot, carrot, lemon, ginger & mint
Spring Green Juice– Celery, spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon & ginger
Summer Breeze Juice– Watermelon, orange, apple, passionfruit & lemon

Drinks/Soft Drinks

Iced latte, Iced Long Black $6
Iced Coffee, Chocolate, Mocha $7.5
Milkshake $7.50
Thickshake $8.50 – choice of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel or banana
Mount Franklin– Still water $3, Sparkling water $4
Powerade -Goldrush, berry ice, Blast $4.5
Soft Drinks coke, coke zero, sprite, Fanta, solo, diet coke 375ml$3
Soft Drinks coke, coke zero, sprite, Fanta, solo, diet coke 390ml $4
Soft Drinks coke, coke zero, sprite, Fanta, solo, diet coke 330ml $4.2
Bundaberg– Ginger beer, traditional lemonade, lemon-lime bitters, Pink grapefruit, Guava, Traditional mango $4.5
Noah’s -Apple guava, Apple kiwi, Apple nectarine, Apple watermelon $4.2
Red Bull or red bull so sugar $4
Red bull bottle 330ml $5
Green Tea – Peach or green lemon tea $4.5
Joe’s Juices 350ml Orange, Apple, Pineapple, 7 fruits, Green Smoothie $4.5
San Pellegrino Sparkling Bottled Mineral Water 250ml $4, 750ml $6.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling Bottled Mineral Water
San Pellegrino Sparkling flavoured Water 200ml Chinotto, Aranciata Rossa $4.2


Large – $5 Medium – $4.20 Small– $3.80

Latte, Cappuccino, Flat white, Short black, Long black, Short Macchiato, Long Macchiato, Hot chocolate, Mocha, Chai latte, Double espresso, Dirty Chai, Magic, Ristretto
Flavours vanilla, caramel, hazelnut add $1
Decaf add 50c
Bon Soy milk add $1
Lactose free milk add $1
Milk lab Almond milk add $1
Oat milk add $1
Extra shot of coffee add 50c
Skinny milk also available

T2 Tea Pot of Tea – $4

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chai Tea, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Lemongrass ginger, Melbourne Tea

Healthy Salad Bowls

(available 11am – 3pm)

  • Smoked Salmon Salad (GF) $18.50
    Atlantic smoked salmon served on a salad of mixed leaves, fresh herbs, cucumber and red onion. Finished with avocado, fried capers and horseradish mayo
  • California Burger Bowl $18.50
    Beef patty lettuce, red onion, sliced avocado, tomato and balsamic dressing
  • Chop Chop Salad $18.50
    Tuna, beetroot, cherry tomato, boiled egg, cucumber, cottage cheese, rocket and lemon dressing
  • Balsamic Chicken Bowl (GF) $18.50
    Baby Spinach, mayo, chicken, pumpkin, roast tomato, bocconcini and balsamic dressing
  • Caprese salad $18.50
    Ripened tomatoes on vine, baby bocconcini, basil leaves, extra virgin oil with balsamic glaze

Parma Menu

(available 11am – 3pm)

  • Aussie Parma $18
    Chicken Schnitzel, Napoli sauce, bacon, caramelized onion , egg and mozzarella served with beer battered chips and garden salad
  • Chicken Schnitzel $18
    Chicken schnitzel served with coleslaw salad, lemon & beer battered chips
  • Chicken Parma $18
    Chicken schnitzel, Napoli sauce, ham and mozzarella served with beer battered chips and garden salad

Burger Menu served with chunky Beer battered chips

(available 11am – 3pm)

  • Beef Burger $18.50
    Beef patty with caramelized onion, cheese, homemade mayo, Cos lettuce on a toasted brioche bun
  • Grilled Chicken Burger $18.50
    Herb marinated chicken on a toasted brioche bun with homemade pesto aioli, tomato and cos lettuce
  • Slow-cooked Pork slider $18.50
    Pulled Cajun spiced pork on a toasted brioche bun with tomato, cos lettuce, mango chutney and sour cream
  • Lamb Burger $18.50
    Premium lamb mince on a toasted brioche bun with mint yoghurt, tomato relish, cucumber & cos lettuce
  • Steak Sandwich $18.50
    Grilled Porterhouse steak on toasted Turkish bread with cheese, caramelized onion, tomato relish, homemade mayo and rocket
  • Southern Spiced fried Chicken $18.50
    Spiced fried chicken on a toasted brioche bun with cos lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, sriracha mayo
  • The Monster $20.50
    Double beef patty on a toasted brioche bun with double bacon, double cheese, red onion, homemade aioli and BBQ sauce
  • The Veggie Patch (V) $18.50
    Veggie patty on toasted brioche bun with coleslaw, avocado, sliced tomato, homemade mayo and tomato sauce

Ready to go lunch menu

(Available 11 am – 3 pm)

Please pop inside for a full selection of house-made meals, our ever-changing salad bar and fresh sandwiches and rolls…

All meals are freshly prepared on-site for immediate service.
All main meals come with your choice of 2 sides (salads, steamed vegetables, scalloped potatoes, roast potatoes, rice or chips).
Variety may include:

Roast of the day

Pasta of the day

Chicken breast of the day

Grilled Chicken steak of the day

Fish of the day


Thai chicken patties

Tuna pattie

Plus daily Chef specials

Please speak to our staff for gluten-free & vegan options

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