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Salad Bowls

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  • Tandoori chicken with garden salad finished with a yoghurt dressing (GF)$14.50
  • Roasted beetroot, feta and pine nuts with roquet leaf (V) (GF)$14.50
  • Moroccan couscous and chickpea salad with dried fruits and nuts tossed with roquet leaf (V)$14.50
  • Traditional Caesar salad with bacon, croutons, poached egg, parmesan & anchovy dressing$14.50
  • Fresh garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette (V) (GF)$14.50
  • Roast pumpkin, chickpea and feta with baby spinach leaf (V) (GF)$14.50
  • Sliced cajun chicken on fresh garden salad (GF)$14.50
  • Smoked salmon with red onion & capers on fresh garden salad (GF)$14.50
  • Roast potato salad with poached egg, crispy bacon and seeded mustard mayo (GF)$14.50
  • Apple, celery, walnut and roquet salad with house made dressing (V) (GF)$14.50
  • Asian style coleslaw with black sesame and a ketjap manis dressing (V)$14.50
  • Pear, parmesan, walnut and roquet leaf salad with house made dressing (V) (GF)$14.50
  • Chilli pineapple, capsicum and roquet salad with sweet chilli vinaigrette(V) (GF)$14.50
  • Quinoa salad with dried fruit, nuts, fresh herbs and pomegranate molasses vinaigrette (V) (GF)$14.50
  • Thai beef salad with mint & coriander$14.50
  • Group salad serves 6 $42

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