Smoothies and More!

from 7 am

Acai Berry—Organic Acai blended with banana, berries, coconut water topped with Gf Granola, strawberries, banana, coconut chips, chia seeds & peanut butter

Choc Banana– Banana, oats, almond milk, dates cacao, cinnamon topped with GF granola, banana, coconut chips, honey, cinnamon flaked almonds, chia seeds & cacao nibs

Tropical-Mango, raspberries, banana, passionfruit, coconut milk topped with chia seeds, coconut chips, strawberries, kiwi fruit & passionfruit pulp

Super Green– Celery, cucumber, kale, lemon mint, coconut water & Ice
Choc Champion
– Choc, blueberries, date, kale, banana, low-fat yoghurt & choice of any milk
Green Protein Power Breakfast (Vegan)– Mango, Almond milk, spinach, banana, raw pumpkin seeds & hemp hearts
Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie-Vanilla protein powder, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, low-fat frozen yoghurt & low-fat milk
Triple Berry Avocado Smoothie (Vegan)– Avocado, Spinach, Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & coconut water
Mango Mumbo -Mango, low-fat frozen yoghurt & low-fat milk
Passion Punch (Vegan)– Passionfruit, coconut water, mango, banana& kiwi fruit
M.B.B—Mango, banana, blueberries, low-fat yoghurt & low-fat milk
Strawberry patch – Strawberry, low-fat yoghurt & low-fat milk
Barney Banana– Banana, honey, low-fat yoghurt, low-fat milk

Organic Vanilla Protein Powder
Organic Choc powder
Grass Fed Whey Powder
Keto Meal Vanilla Powder

Berry Blast– Mixed Berries, apple juice, sorbet & ice
Melon Juice– Watermelon, tropical Juice, coconut water, sorbet & ice
Mango Tango– Mango, passionfruit, tropical juice, coconut water, sorbet & ice

Straight Orange— Squeezed Orange Juice
Celery Juice– Only Celery Juice
Tropicana —Orange, Apple, watermelon, Pineapple
Immune Boosting Juice– Carrot, Orange, lemon, ginger
Detox Juice– Apple, beetroot, carrot, lemon, ginger & mint
Spring Green Juice– Celery, spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon & ginger
Summer Breeze Juice– Watermelon, orange, apple, passionfruit & lemon